Why OEM Only?

We carry only OEM keys because they are of the best value. They are made of the most reliable, highest quality parts and have the longest life span.

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Most Reliable. Highest Quality. Longest Lasting.

As you may have guessed it from our brand's name, we only carry OEM Car Keys :) That means that at OEM Car Key Mall, we exclusively use genuine OEM electronics in all of the car key fobs we carry. So whether you drive a 2004 Toyota Prius or a 2020 Nissan Altima, you can be certain that the key fob you get from us is of the same quality you would get from a dealership.

  • What is OEM?

    Non-OEM replacement parts are widely available online but provide much less value than OEM Parts:

    Non-OEM are often made with cheap imported components, which makes them less durable, more prone to damage and breaking, and they tend to have shorter life spans.

    Unreliable: Non-OEM keys are not guaranteed to work with your vehicle. They may not be programmable to work properly with your vehicle. On the other hand, you can trust that OEM parts will work reliably with your vehicle (for instance: an OEM Toyota car key comes from the manufacturer of Toyota car keys.)

  • How to make sure you buy OEM quality?

    Look for the OEM seal or acronym: Retailers (like us :) who sell OEM parts are usually proud to announce that their parts are genuine OEM parts.

    Don't assume a key fob is OEM just because it does or does not have an OEM seal on it: Make sure the company who claims to sell the OEM parts actually does so by looking at their reviews and privacy policy.

    Be wary of any item being sold as a "Replacement Part": This generally means that it is a knock-off and not OEM.

OEM Car Key Mall Quality Promise

We have proudly named our business OEM Car Key Mall. Our mission and promise is to provide you with the best value, highest quality, most reliable, longest lasting products for your vehicle. Satisfaction guaranteed.