Why You Should Only Buy OEM Car Key Remotes?

Why You Should Only Buy OEM Car Key Remotes?

The best quality car key remotes are OEM - an Original Equipment Manufacturer authentic factory remote. You can buy these remotes from a car dealer for a few hundred dollars OR you can buy the same OEM car remote from us for much less.

Buying from OEM Car Key Mall will save you between one to three hundred dollars for the same car key remote you would get from the dealer.


What's the difference between OEM and "aftermarket" parts?

You want to get OEM parts only and avoid parts sold as “replacement parts”, as these are knock-offs that will underperform. OEM Car Key Mall supplies 100% OEM original factory remotes key fobs that are genuine, high-quality and trustworthy. All of these parts are specifically developed for use with your vehicle and are ensured to program properly.

OEM parts are guaranteed to last longer and are more durable than any other replacement part out there. Save the hassle of dealing with an “aftermarket” remote that doesn’t have warranty and can stop working all of a sudden. "Aftermarket" remotes can also drain the battery much quicker and will not work from your average distance as you’ll need to be closer to your vehicle for it to actually work.

Quality Manufactured with genuine, authentic Brand OEM parts Made with cheap imported components that aren’t durable.
Reliability Guaranteed to work and program perfectly Not guaranteed to work and program properly. Won’t operate from the average distance.
Durability Will last as long as you have your vehicle Can one-day stop working for no reason. Will drain battery a lot quicker
Warranty Warranty Included No Warranty at all

Learn about OEM Car Key Mall

Here at OEM Car Key Mall we supply North America and the world with factory automotive OEM keys and remotes at the most competitive prices. We also have a sister company that has been operating as an automotive locksmith for the last two decades bringing lots of experience to everything car remotes.

We specialize in car keys, car remotes, and all cars with different options. We have a great track record of advising our customers about which key or remote works best, and we take pride in guiding our customers, as well as getting all questions answered.


Our Guarantee

OEM Car Key Mall offers a 6-month warranty on all OEM remote key fobs sold. We stand by all of our remotes and if there are any issues at the time of programming, we have dedicated veteran automotive locksmith technicians ready to resolve any issue.

Our OEM remote key fobs will always program perfectly because they are original, and they are also designed to last a lifetime. We test each remote before it departs our facility to ensure a the highest quality in all of our products.

We also partnered with Extend to offer full coverage accident protection with fast and free product replacements. There are several options available ensuring you peace of mind with friendly support and no deductibles.


We love answering questions and helping with the process. If you need assistance please contact us.


Sending good vibes your way,

OEM Car Key Mall Team

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