What are the advantages of Key Fob

What are the advantages of Key Fob

Have you ever wondered why car companies provide critical fobs along with car keys? What purpose do these key fobs serve? Is it just a fancy accessory, or does it have some significant advantages? This article will discuss some key benefits of having a key fob for your car. We will examine how it makes the driving experience safer and more convenient. So, if you directly use car keys without the fob, keep reading to know why switching to a key fob is better.

What is a key fob?

A key fob, also known as a car remote, is a compact handheld device primarily used for locking and unlocking vehicle doors and accessing other functions remotely. It uses radio frequency technology to communicate wirelessly with the car's system. Modern key fobs have evolved significantly from basic remotes to sophisticated communication modules integrated with smart vehicle technologies.

At its core, a key fob contains an electronic transmitter that can send secure signals to the car within a specific range, usually around 30 to 100 feet. The fob also serves as a key for manually unlocking/locking the doors and starting the ignition. 

Most fobs are small enough to easily slip into pockets or key chains for convenient day-to-day usage. They have made driving more effortless by enhancing the accessibility and convenience features of vehicles with just a button press on this handy device.

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Benefits of Key Fob?

A key fob, a remote key or smart key, is a handheld device that locks and unlocks a vehicle remotely. A few benefits are given below:

Remotely lock and unlock your car
One of the main advantages of a key fob is that it allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car without physically inserting the key into the lock. This saves a lot of time. You can press the lock or unlock button on your key fob while still far from your car.

This is very helpful, especially if you carry many bags after shopping. It also helps keep your car securely locked without any hassle. In big parking lots, you don't have to search for your car, among many others, to unlock it. The remote function using the fob is very convenient.

Remote start for your car 

During winter, it can be very uncomfortable getting inside a cold car. Using the remote start function of your key fob, you can turn on the car engine and heating/cooling system without being inside the car.

When you get to the car, the temperature inside is pleasant. Many modern key fobs also allow remote start via a helpful smartphone app. Having the ability to start your car and warm it up in advance remotely makes for a much better driving experience during extreme weather conditions without any trouble.

Increased security for your car

Key fobs provide improved security for your car compared to regular keys. Fobs have an electronic chip inside that communicates with the car's system. Even if someone steals your fob, they cannot start the car without the matching signal from the fob. Also, if you misplace your fob, the car can be disabled remotely using the vehicle identification number. This protects your car from getting stolen.

Many luxury cars even have remote start disable functions if the fob goes out of range for security. The electronic pairing of the fob and car provides better protection for your vehicle.

Convenience of keyless entry

An important benefit of key fobs is that they allow you to unlock your car without taking the fob out of your pocket or bag. As you approach the vehicle, door sensors and bumpers detect the radio signal from the fob inside and unlock automatically. Some cars also have a push-button start, so you don’t need to take the fob out to turn on the ignition. 

This provides the ultimate in touchless access to your vehicle. It is especially useful if your hands are full. Keyless entry using fobs saves you from the hassle of searching for keys inside your bag every time. It adds a layer of convenience when entering or starting your car.

Easy to use and manage

Unlike regular keys that can be bulky and uncomfortable to carry, a key fob is very compact in your pocket or onto your keychain. You can attach other keys, lanyards or accessories to the fob ring easily for better organization. Most fobs have large buttons that are easy to press even without looking directly at the fob. They are very user-friendly.

Also, unlike keys you only need to carry one fob even if you have multiple vehicles. In case of regular keys you need separate keys for each car. Key fobs offer a simple and hassle-free solution for carrying your car keys.

Key fobs provide numerous advantages over traditional car keys. From remote convenience features to increased security, key fobs have made driving and parking a whole lot simpler. Whether it is remotely starting and warming up your vehicle or effortlessly finding it in a big parking area, a key fob enhances your car ownership experience immensely. 

While regular keys are still usable, fobs offer additional important benefits. If you don't own a car with a fob yet, it may be worthwhile upgrading to enjoy these user-friendly features.

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