Top Ten Questions you should ask your car key locksmith before handing over your keys

what you should ask your locksmith about keys

Hiring a locksmith for a new set of car keys is not about dropping them off at the key cutting booth on your way to work anymore.

A professional car key locksmith that offers you the service you need is not always so easy to discover among all the adverts and websites available. But it’s important you choose the right car key cutting expert for the job you need done, especially during an emergency such as lost or damaged car keys!

In fact, after you have read this article, do yourself a favour and put the contact details of a professional 24-hour car key locksmith into your phone so you will never have to worry about searching for a car key replacement specialist during an emergency again.

  • Does the car key locksmith offer a key fob program service?
  • Do they offer to program your new key fob for you? This is an essential question to ask, especially if you regularly use this type of key for your car. As high tech as a key fob is, they do have a few drawbacks : 

    • A new device comes with no pre-set program.
    • If you are not tech-minded, you will need a professional locksmith to program the new key fob device for you.
    • A pro locksmith is able to reprogram key fobs and keyless entry devices. 

  • Can the emergency car key locksmith program transponder keys?
  • What is a car key transponder? It’s a small chip used to authenticate the original key. The drawback is that the key must be blank for easy, successful processing and programming it is no small task. It’s better to ask a skilled car key locksmith to do this for you.

  • Is the car key locksmith able to produce a replica even without the original?
  • This is an important question if you are considering selling your vehicle at a later date. Not many buyers are interested in a vehicle without a second key or if they are, they will reduce the offer price. 

    If you have lost the original car key and the spare key is a distant location, remember that getting another car key cut will be worth it in the long run when the car’s sale price is not affected. Finding a car key locksmith who can reproduce a key without the original (after the VIN has been authenticated) means they really understand the car key fob business.

  • Do they have certification? 
  • This is an important question to ask. Check for locksmith associations, car dealership recommendations, and online reviews. 

  • What about insurance and licence?
  • Every skilled pro car key locksmith will have more than a certificate: they will have a locksmith licence for their business and also insurance. If you find a car key locksmith with all the proper paperwork, they are definitely worth keeping the contact details!

    Why do you need them to have insurance? If your car is damaged during the process or the locksmith injures themselves, you will be covered.

  • What about a service warranty?
  • A highly skilled technician will always offer a guarantee of their work. The minimum duration will be 30 days. This is necessary to cover any installation or hardware issues that can occur after service completion. Before you keep a car key locksmith’s contact details in your phone, check for a warranty!

  • A new car might mean a new locksmith technician!
  • Don’t forget to check if you get a new car that your locksmith tech is qualified to handle any car key fob emergencies in your new vehicle. What was easy for them to fix in your old car might not be the case for your new, modernised vehicle. While you’re there, discuss how costs might have changed from the old car to the new car. 

  • What car key cutting services are on offer?
  • This is related to doing your locksmith homework. Car key fob emergencies most often happen after hours and in strange locations, such as during your travels. Check the locksmith offers an after hours service and ask for other branch affiliations or recommendations.

  • Ask a friend or family
  • If you know a friend or family who has a similar vehicle to yours, ask them which emergency locksmith they use. 

  • What types of payment does the locksmith accept?
  • This is the most important question, because you need to know that your credit or debit card facility is accepted by the locksmith service for car keys before you call them!

    Please contact OEM Car Key Mall if you have any questions for us. 

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